N I C O L E T T E  R O S S

Opening October 24th, 6:00p-11:00p
2433 S. Oakley, Chicago
Additional viewing hours during Pilsen Open Studios:
Saturday, October 24th, Noon-10pm
Sunday, October 25th, Noon-8pm

The Woodcut Challenge is a large-scale printmaking project. Artists are asked to use a special set of knives, called gouges, to "draw" into a 40x60'' piece of birch plywood. The block is then rolled with ink and transferred to a sheet of paper, or in this case, canvas, using a piece of heavy machinery (the press!).

This technique, called Relief, was invented in China, used by Sumerian merchants, and popularized in the West by European printmakers in the 14th century. Relief printing has played a pivotal role in history, allowing for widespread dissemination of information—for example, the Guttenberg Bible and political broadsides by Jose Guadalupe Posada & others that critiqued the aristocracy and made it possible to organize grassroots labor movements throughout the world.

We have invited twenty artists to each carve their own 40x60'' woodblock, to be printed on canvas and displayed together at Hoofprint Workshop's opening reception for the Woodcut Challenge Portfolio. A majority of the artists are Chicago-based; many live and work just blocks from our studio in Pilsen. Their work varies—some artists focus on mark-making and abstraction, while others address immigration, the politics of food production, and Chicago motifs: what it's like to live and work in the city. The portfolio will be displayed in its entirety at the opening reception on October 24th.

Featuring new woodcuts by:

AARON COLEMAN http://aaroncolemanprintmaking.com/
JOHN DIDOMENICO http://hoofprintworkshop.bigcartel.com/artist/john-didomenico
HECTOR DUARTE http://www.hectorduarte.com/
ANNA HASSELTINE http://www.annahasseltine.com/
JOHN HIMMELFARB http://www.johnhimmelfarb.com/
GABE HOARE http://hoofprintworkshop.bigcartel.com/artist/gabe-hoare
RAELEEN KAO http://frozencharlottepress.com/
JACKIE KAZARIAN http://www.project1915.org/
BRITTANY KIELER http://vulturewoman.com/
ANTONIO MARTINEZ http://cobaltartstudio.blogspot.com/p/about.html
S.V. MEDARIS http://svmedaris.com/
HOWARD PAINE http://howardpaine.com/index.cfm
ANTONIO PAZARAN http://www.perrostudios.com/
NICOLETTE ROSS http://nicoletteross.com/home.html
GABRIEL VILLA http://www.gabrielvilla.net/
OLI WATT http://www.saic.edu/profiles/faculty/oliwatt/
LIZ BORN http://hoofprintworkshop.bigcartel.com/artist/liz-born

Closing Reception:
Friday, November 6th, 6-10pm